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News from the BT production facilities 

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BT set new forklift safety standards with the BT Optio range, & plan for a sustainable future by launching new forklift products focusing on order picking, high-density storage & automation.

BT Produce 3 Millionth Hand Pallet Truck – BT Lifter Long Life

Anders Claesson, Managing Director of BT Products AB, discusses the impact the Toyota Production System has had on forklift production, quality & safety within the BT factory in Mjölby, Sweden.

At the CeMAT fair this year BT launched three new trucks, BT Optio order picker and two models of the narrow isle range, BT Vector.
The interest for the TMH booth, our products and solutions were immense.

Global leader in material handling equipment presents new products and advanced thinking. Visit the Toyota Material Handling booth and see our BT Warehouse trucks

The BT Lifter range has solid quality! Factory tests have shown that the BT Lifter lasts up to five times longer than other hand pallet truck models. A truck from 1964-65 still in service in a carpentry company in Germany is evidence.