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CeMAT 2011 

CeMAT opening: Toyota Material Handling unveils new products and solutions 

CeMAT, Hannover, 2 May 2011 – Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) officially kicked off CeMAT 2011 activities at the world’s leading fair for intralogistics. New product innovations include new BT Optio order pickers, BT Vector very narrow aisle (VNA) models and the Toyota hybrid counterbalanced forklift.

New warehouse trucks: Automation, order picking and high-density storage
At CeMAT 2011, BT is launching and previewing a number of new BT warehouse trucks, completing the renewal of its product range. Two new product families – BT Optio order pickers and BT Vector VNA trucks, as well as the fourth-generation BT Radioshuttle – help customers drive down costs in order picking and high density storage while contributing to safe and efficient operations.

The all-new BT Optio H-series of high-level order pickers offers picking heights of up to 12 metres – the highest level in its class. High-level picking allows maximum operational flexibility, with more accessible storage locations, and BT Optio H-series helps companies maximise space utilisation in this way. A ‘walk-through’ design is available for picking large items.

CeMAT 2011 is also the world premiere preview of BT’s new BT Optio L-series of low-level order pickers. Designed for all types of first-level order picking, the BT Optio L-series will be launched in the second half of 2011.

CeMAT visitors can also enjoy a live demonstration of BT’s ground-breaking BT Automated Order Picking solution. By revolutionising the order picking process, BT’s automated order picking concept delivers productivity increases of up to 40%, substantially reducing labour costs and supporting safe operations.

Continuing the focus on reducing storage space costs, the new BT Vector R-series is the latest ‘man-down’ VNA range for full pallet handling. Based on the acclaimed BT Reflex reach truck platform, the BT Vector R-series offers either turret head or shuttle fork configurations. Transitional Lift Control (TLC) assures smooth lifting and lowering at all speeds, reducing the risk of load damage and related costs.

The new BT Vector C-series is the latest family of ‘man-up’ VNA combi-style trucks, for both full pallet handling and order picking. The fold-down mast design allows the trucks to be transported on conventional road vehicles and driven on to site, rather than requiring heavy lifting equipment during installation. This dramatically reduces installation time and cost, and also increases flexibility.

Over the past decade, BT Radioshuttle set new standards in ultra-high-density storage. Loads are stored in deep storage tunnels, being placed and retrieved by remote-controlled shuttle units. This allows exceptional economies in the use and cost of storage space. The new fourth-generation BT Radioshuttle offers additional safety features, more on-board intelligence for stock control, and is fully sealed for protection against spills. It also delivers the highest performance for this type of storage solution.

"Responsible Together"
In addition to advanced new products, visitors to the BT/Toyota Material Handling’s stand at CeMAT can learn more about the organisation’s overall approach to sustainability in intralogistics. Illustrating the company’s CeMAT theme of ‘Responsible Together’, the Toyota Material Handling stand includes three distinct zones: Responsible Innovation, Safety Dojo and Empowering Your Business.

The ‘Responsible Innovation’ zone focuses on alternative energy systems for forklift trucks and includes an informative demonstration of how hybrid technology works, as well as offering the opportunity to experience the benefits of eco-driving. Toyota is taking a ‘portfolio’ approach to new energy systems, recognising that different solutions such as hybrid technology, lithium ion batteries, and fuel cells are emerging in different parts of the world, depending on local infrastructure and market demands.

Hybrid technology is particularly synonymous with Toyota, with more than three million Toyota hybrid vehicles sold worldwide. A live demonstration of the Toyota hybrid forklift already sold in Japan demonstrates that this technology maintains the same productivity as conventional engine-powered trucks – while significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The second key zone is the ‘Safety Dojo’, which reflects the approach that BT is taking to ensure safety in the workplace. Inspired by the dedicated safety training areas at the BT/Toyota factories, the Safety Dojo helps visitors learn more about health and safety issues.

A third zone – ‘Empowering Your Business’ – presents BT’s approach to the commercial realities of material handling. Central to this is a touch-screen demonstration of the I_Site information system. I_Site is built around detailed reporting of truck activity and cost data, supported by advice from I_Site experts – all of which enables companies to substantially drive down costs and improve the efficiency of their operations.

The Empowering Your Business zone also presents the benefits of BT’s European sourced Used truck offer and Service operations.

Day one included a welcome speech from Kimpei Mitsuya, President of Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG) and Executive Vice President of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO).

On hand from Japan to open the Toyota Material Handling stand, Kimpei Mitsuya said: "Visitors to CeMAT can see the ways Toyota Material Handling is continuing to develop new products, services and solutions in line with evolving customer requirements. As the global leader in materials handling, we believe we have the responsibility – together with our customers and other partners – to actively drive the changes necessary to achieve sustainability in intralogistics."

Mr Mitsuya’s remarks reflect the positive outlook for Toyota Material Handling as it moves forward in a market that is growing again. In April, TICO reported total turnover for its global materials handling operations of about €4.3 billion, on sales of over 153 thousand units, for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2011.

"Overall the market is growing again and we are very positive when it comes to the future," adds TMHE President Håkan Dahllöf. "In this context, CeMAT comes at the right time for us and for the market. Our CeMAT theme ‘Responsible Together’ expresses our commitment to supporting responsible economic growth while maintaining safe and healthy workplaces and protecting the environment."  

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