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New BT Optio M-series Medium level Order Picking Trucks 

The BT Optio L-series of low-level order picking trucks from BT set new standards at its launch earlier this year, not least because of the importance its design attaches to the role of the operator within the order picking process. The new M-series models (OME100N and OME100NW) carry these standards into the territory of medium-level order picking.

Both order picking models have the advantage of the new L-series’ narrow chassis, reducing their footprint compared to many other medium-level order pickers, with the benefits this brings to manoeuvrability and overall productivity.

A maximum order picking platform height of 1.8 metres allows picking heights of up to 3.4 metres, meaning true third-level order picking. Many businesses with increasing numbers of product lines to process benefit from being able to pick above the first and second levels. The M-series’ maximum load capacity of 1000 kilogrammes ensures it is a serious choice for this sort of order picking operation.

The BT Optio OME100NW offers all of the features of the OME100N with the addition of a walk-through facility, giving the truck operator clear access to the load carrier. This allows applications to store and pick bulky items above the ground level.

BT Optio – a complete range

The BT Optio M-series range also comprises the OME100M and OME100MW (walk-through) order picker models, which allow picking up to 6.3 metres. Beyond this, the BT Optio H-series offers a further two models – OME100H and OME120HW (walk-through). These are state-of-the-art forklift trucks offering a choice of chassis and cab widths and allowing order picking up to heights of 12 metres. The advanced new BT Optio L-series covers all first and second-level order picking requirements comprehensively.

BT Powerdrive

BT Optio OME100N and OME100NW feature the BT Powerdrive motor control system with AC power. A central processor monitors and controls the performance of the truck forklift resulting in super-smooth control at all speeds. Every time the truck forklift decelerates or the brakes are applied, energy is passed directly back to the battery, allowing long working shifts on a single charge. For multiple shift operations BT Optio OME100N and OME100NW order pickers are designed for fast and easy battery change.

Smooth Operator – the human factor in focus

The new BT Optio M-series models have been designed around a Smooth Operator concept, in order to provide maximum effective support to the human operator undertaking the task of picking the goods. This means providing a comfortable and easy-to-use workplace that is well organised and efficient.

The E-man control system on BT Optio OME100N and OME100NW is based on an extremely flexible steering arm with touch-sensitive activation of drive, lift and lower functions and effortless electronic steering.

Efficient administration is essential in order picking and the BT Optio OME100N and OME100NW provide a very effective mobile office, with several storage compartments to allow organised working. The truck is also prepared for a shrinkwrap holder and other accessories.

Most order picking operations need onboard management devices such as computers and barcode scanners. The E-bar facility available on the BT Optio OME100N and OME 100NW allows easy attachment and power supply.

Safety throughout the process

BT Optio OME100N and OME100NW trucks have been designed to ensure safety throughout the order picking process. The electronic steering system provides many safety benefits. The E-man steering arm is geared to reduce the turning angle required. This ensures the operator’s arms are safely contained within the profile of the truck. The drive-wheel always reverts to the straight-ahead position when the steering arm is released to ensure safe start-up, and the steering radius is automatically reduced when the truck is pedestrian controlled.

Optimised Truck Performance

The BT Powerdrive system allows for truck speed to be automatically reduced when cornering, ensuring fast but safe driving in all conditions. Automatic speed reduction also applies when driving in the elevated position.

The BT Powerdrive system means that as soon as the E-man control handle is released, smooth progressive braking is applied, to ensure smooth, responsive control.

The new order picking trucks are manufactured at Toyota’s Swedish production facilities according to Toyota Production System standards, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in operation.