Very narrow aisle truck: BT Vector VRE125 VRE150 


The all-new BT Vector R-series is designed for handling full pallets in very narrow aisles. Developed on the advanced and highly successful BT Reflex reach truck platform, BT Vector R-series boasts many class-leading driveability and productivity features. The BT Vector VRE125 and VRE150 offers a turret-head operation for greater flexibility.

The BT Vector R-series has a high maximum travel speed of 14km/h, excellent acceleration, and a fast lift speed. Its maximum lift height is 11 metres.

Transitional Lift Control (TLC) ensures that even at maximum speed the lift and lower movements are completely smooth, even on the transitions between mast stages – eliminating shocks to protect the load and ensure operator safety.

BT Vector is safe from operation by unauthorised personnel. Only a correct PIN-code or the optional ID key will start the truck.


Exclusive drivers compartment built for the drivers comfort 
Optional Multi function control 
Load info display showing lift hight and load weight 
Excellent view with the duplex mast 
Suggested Applications
Very Narrow Aisle truck BT Vector VRE 125 VRE 150