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Cold store 

BT offers a comprehensive range of cold store equipment, ranging from hand pallet trucks all the way up to very narrow aisle (VNA) equipment, automated  storage solutions as well as counterbalanced forklifts and racking solutions.

Stores to -10°C

The standard BT product specification is suitable for operation in stores to -10ºC without cold store protection. Some condensation will occur during the in-out work cycle and the truck must therefore always be parked outside the cold store when not in use and for charging and maintenance schedules.

Stores down to -30°C

To get the truck working good also in very cold stores, as cold as -30º C, there needs to be some adaptations. The viscosity of the oil used in this application will cause some reduction in truck performance during the stay-in-period of the shift. The largest threat to the truck is the condensation as mentioned above. So most important is to let the truck dry up before entering the cold store when it has been taken out. The key point is that the condensation must not be allowed to freeze on the truck at any time.

Applicable to all categories 

The battery must never be left standing idle inside the cold store for long periods. Condensation must not be allowed to freeze on the truck.