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Risk factors in Production:

- flammable gas
- vapours
- powders and dusts
- petrochemical
- chemical
- pharmaceutical
- gas cylinder and aerosol filling and storage


Manufacture and storage of:

- solvents
- paints
- adhesives
- explosives
- varnishes
- alcohols
- perfumes
- cosmetics
- foods
- flavours


Facts about explosive environment

Explosion protected forklifts 

For safe working environments 

Material HandlingIndustries at risk
A wide range of industries are at risk by usage of production components that could lead to an explosive atmosphere being generated during a normal working day.

Diesel and electric industrial vehicles are required to work in these areas but are a potential source of ignition. The consequences of ignition may be disastrous, resulting in loss of life and the destruction of a site. This means that employers have a number of obligations based on an assessment of the risks involved. The sources of ignition may be eliminated by effective Explosion protection.


ATEX – a user's obligation
ATEX is a term used to describe two European Directives concerning this industry - taken from the French "ATmospheres EXplosives". It means that employers have a number of obligations and in order to comply with them the truck user needs to carry out a risk assessment and classify hazardous areas into Zones.

Material Handling manufacturingZones
Working areas at risk are classified into zones. The determination of what zone each specific application should belong to is at the responsibility of a qualified 3rd party organisation arranged by the user.

BT is cooperating with the company Pyroban and can therefore offer explosion protection systems on almost all diesel and electric vehicles ensuring that the truck is compliant with ATEX 94/9/EC for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 areas. BT also has a network of specialist engineers trained on the Pyroban system to offer full support.

For more information regarding the ATEX regulation and Pyroban, please visit: