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Application Solutions 

With more than 60 years of material handling experience, we can offer you the solutions and expertise to take your business further. Our knowledge comes packaged in every truck we deliver and as consultancy advice when high level warehouse projects are at stake. Check out this short list of our specialised solutions.

Special Trucks

You are our focus at BT. Our aim is to produce trucks that meet your demands. Read more about Special Trucks here

Load Carriers

A short brief on common used load carriers around the World.
Find more information about Load Carriers here

Explosion Protected
A wide range of industries can improve safety by using special explosion-protected trucks.
Read more about Explosion Protected Forklifts here 

Cold store adaptations
For handling of goods in cold areas where the standard truck can be damaged due to moist, we have different grades of cold store adaptations. Find out more

Please keep in mind that this is a snap shot overview of our possible material handling adaptations. More extensive information regarding the solution which best fits your application needs is available in your nearest local BT distributor.