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E-man steering 

E-man steering provides a logical, easy-to-use interface between operator and truck. Using E-man steering, untrained operators can quickly learn lift truck handling. The powerful servo motor facilitates easy steering, allowing operators to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand.  

Mini tiller arm
A mini tiller arm offers power-assisted steering for safe operation with only one hand. Easy one-handed operation allows drivers to hold items such as order lists or scanners when driving forward. Such flexibility is also an advantage when reversing the truck since one hand can be released to allow a comfortable driving position with a good view to the rear.

Flexible solution
The whole arm unit can be positioned toward the right or left-hand sides of the truck body, to suit each operator and operation. This optional feature is excellent when a driver needs to operate the truck while walking alongside it and is also useful when manoeuvring limited-space areas.

Safe and easy
Operating the truck while walking alongside it is both easy and safe. For optimal safety, the turning radius is reduced and the truck speed is limited to 6 km/h whenever the driver operates the truck while not standing on the driving platform. Lower speeds can also be programmed.

E-man is available on Opus order picking trucks