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Powered pallet trucks: BT Levio P-series 

Learn about the benefits of using BT Levio powered pallet trucks 

The BT Levio P-series consists of three powered pallet trucks with platform. The P-series are suitable for applications where high performance and travel distances are involved. The machines are compact and its flip-up platform as well as the click-2-creep function enables use in confined areas as well as loading and unloading lorries. All BT Levio standard machines work well in chilled environments.
Powered pallet trucks 

Platform powered pallet truck for high intensity operations in confined areas 

LPE200 / LPE220 / LPE250 

The BT Levio P-series platform powered pallet trucks has an essential simplicity, making this pallet truck smooth, easy to use and powerful. The maximum speed of 12.5 kilometers per hour, its lift and lower performance as well as the low energy consumption gives the machine many workcycles per battery charging. They are perfect for longer distances and more demanding material handling applications. BT Powertrak makes sure that the drive wheel grip is always optimized according to load weight.

The Optimized Truck Performance (OTP) feature gives speed control when cornering and smooth driving in pedestrian mode making it both comfortable safe and efficient.

  • Capacity up to 2.5 ton
  • Fork length up to 2350mm
  • Compact & high manoeuvrability
  • High drive speeds & productivity
  • BT Powertrak
Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. battery cap. (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
LPE200 2000 600 10
LPE220 2200 600 10
LPE250 2500 600 12.5