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Powered pallet trucks: BT Levio S-series 

Make operations easy with heavy-duty BT Levio stand-in pallet trucks 

With compact dimensions and therefore excellent maneuverability, the BT Levio S-series’ stand-in pallet truck model offers full protection for the driver, who stands transversely. Ideal for intense material handling operations requiring loading and unloading over long travel distances, this powered pallet truck is both safe and comfortable.
Powered pallet trucks 

Compact and comfortable stand-in powered pallet truck for long distance operations  

The BT Levio LSE200 stand-in pallet truck is built to be simple and safe for the driver to operate, it enables high productivity and is durable. Operator comfort is high as in all BT trucks, and it enables multi-directional truck operation without the driver changing position – increasing flexibility and productivity. The forks bogie wheels allow easy entry into most load carriers, and also improve handling on gradients and uneven surfaces.
  • Load capacity up to 2 ton at 600 mm load centre
  • Fork lengths up to 2350 mm
  • Transverse driver standing position
  • 180° electronic steering
  • Compact dimensions
Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. battery cap. (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
LSE200 2000 620 10.5