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Reach trucks: BT Reflex O-series 

Drive down costs with the unique abilities of BT Reflex reach trucks 

The BT Reflex O-series has many of the same qualities such as AC technology, 360° steering and the Transitional Lift Controll System (TLC), as the rest of the BT Reflex range. To be able to be used both in- and outdoors the O-series has been equipped with higher ground clearance then the regular truck and durable super-elastic wheels. They can operate on slopes, transitions, warm asphalt and even rough or uneven surfaces, hence the usage area ranges from block stacking, outdoor racking and loading/unloading vehicles from the side. As they are used also outdoors these are also available with different weather protection options. 



Reach truck capable for both outdoor and indoor use 


The BT Reflex O-series reach truck is suited for both indoor and outdoor use and is available with different weather protection options with polycarbonate windows on overhead guard and one or more sides of the cab. It isa lso available with door and heater.  Ground clearance is 145mm and allows the truck to work on uneven ground, and the super-elastic tyres secure grip on wet or uneven suraces or even warm asphalt.

The BT Reflex O-series reach truck is the solution for a variety of different needs.

Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. lifting height (m) Max. battery cap. (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
RRE160R 1600 7.5 620 11