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Reach trucks: BT Reflex R/E-series 

Enhance productivity and comfort with AC-powered BT Reflex reach trucks 

For intensive use on heights the BT Reflex R-series and E-series is the best choice. The intelligent machine has programmable acceleration and lift control. These machines are designed with excellent visibility and ergonomic working conditions for the driver, the E-series also features a unique tilting cab. The tilt reduces the drivers’ strain of the neck and back results in safer and more accurate load handling. The BT Reflex R-series and E-series are also available with closed heated cab, making it ideal for use in cold storage applications.
Reach truck 

High lifting reach truck with tilting cab option for heavy-duty material handling  

RRE140 / RRE160 / RRE180 / RRE200 / RRE250 / RRE140E / RRE160E / RRE180E / RRE200E / RRE250E 

The BT Reflex R-series and E-series are suitable for highly intensive operations with load capacities from 1.4 to 2.5 ton. The R- and E-series trucks are equipped with Transitional Lift Control (TLC ) resulting in shock-free lifting and lowering of the forks, even at maximum speed. The advantage of the TLC results in safer movement of the loads as well as higher productivity and better use of energy.

Both models has excellent ergonomic features for the driver with the spacious cab, adjustable seat and controls. The E-series also has a tilting cab feature that assist the driver to more accurate position the forks which result in enhanced productivity and less strain for the drivers neck and back.   

  • Load capacity up to 2.5 ton at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 12.5 m
  • Drive speed up to 14 km per hour
  • Unique Transitional Lift Control
  • Tilting cab version
  • Excellent all-round visibility
Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. lifting height (m) Max. battery cap. (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
RRE140 1400 9.0 620 14
RRE160 1600 10.5 775 14
RRE180 1800 11.0 775 14
RRE200 2000 12.5 930 14
RRE250 2500 12.5 930 14
RRE140E 1400 9.0 620 14
RRE160E 1600 10.5 775 14
RRE180E 1800 11.0 775 14
RRE200E 2000 12.5 930 14
RRE250E 2500 12.5 930 14