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Semi-Automatic Systems: BT Autopilot 

BT Autopilot facilitates order picking operations 

The BT Autopilot concept allows driverless operation for repetitive movement of goods, it does not only increase efficiency, but also reduces labor cost. Both the LAE and SAE are ideal in for example manufacturing applications where similar journeys are made repeatedly. The Automated Order Picking (AOP) concept includes the BT Autopilot trucks and is installed in high-intensity order picking applications, for example in distribution centers.
Semi Automated Trucks BT Autopilot 

Automated pallet or stacker truck for repetitive stacking and horizontal transport 

LAE240 / SAE200 
Semi Automated Truck BT Autopilot
Semi Automated Trucks BT Autopilot

The LAE240 and SAE200 are based on standard trucks and fitted with advanced laser technology for navigation and safety. The automation improves efficiency by reducing manual labor, saving money and reducing the risk of work-related injuries. The typical installation ranges from ‘stand-alone’ trucks in simple installation for transporting goods to larger operations with multiple trucks that are integrated in the customers Warehouse Management System.

The BT Autopilot trucks can be used in manual mode as a standard stacker or powered pallet truck or as Automated Order Picker (AOP) in big installations increasing picking productivity. Integrated with voice communication the trucks work well alongside manual trucks.

  • Load capacity up to 2.4 ton
  • Lift heights up to 1.79 m
  • Advanced laser technology
  • Integrated with voice communication (AOP)
  • Can be used as standard stacker or pallet truck
Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. lifting height (m) Max. battery cap. (Ah) Max. travel speed (km/h)
LAE240 2400 0.23 600 6
SAE200 2000 1.79 600 6