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Very narrow aisle trucks: BT Vector A-series 

The advantages of working with BT Vector man-up VNA trucks 

The A-series in the BT Vector range have articulated chassis for increased stability and extremely narrow transfer aisles, leaving more space to storage. The advanced A-series are capable of high-level order picking, up to 14.3 meters, as well as full-pallet handling, of loads up to 1.5 ton, in wire or rail-guided aisles.

Man-up VNA truck with stable high-level order picking and pallet handling 

BT Vector A-series, the advanced VNA machine in the BT range is designed with a 4-wheel design giving the truck great stability as well as high lift capacities and a smooth ride. The articulated steering minimizes the width of the transfer aisles creating additional storage space. The A-series has an advanced lifting system which significantly reduces energy consumption that is required to lift the truck’s cab and the load; making it possible to work two shifts on a single charge, called the "BT Advanced Lift System". Since the VCE150 lifts up to 14.8 meters it is perfect for applications in narrow ailes.
  • Load capacity up to 1.5 ton at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 14.8 m
  • Unique Articulated Steering
  • BT Advanced Lifting System
  • BT Optipace
Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. lifting height (m) Max picking height (m)* Aisle width (mm.)*
VCE150A 1500 14.8 14.25 1660
VCE125ASF 1250 13.3 14.25 1500
*calculated with 1200x800 mm stacking depth