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Very narrow aisle trucks: BT Vector R-series 

Explore the range of uses for BT Vector man-down VNA trucks 

Based on the BT Reflex reach trucks, the BT Vector R-series has been developed for man-down operations in very narrow aisles. The R-series offers turret head operation for great flexibility as well as shuttle forks for the narrowest aisles for maximum use of space. Lift height for these narrow trucks are up to 11.3 and the load capacity ranges from 1.25 to 1.5 ton. BT Optipace, optimizing drive and lift speed according to height and load weight, along with wire or rail guidance ensures fast, yet safe working in narrow aisles.

Man-down VNA truck for medium intensity operations in narrow aisles 

BT Vector R-series is a man-down truck used in high to medium-intense operations. The VRE125 and VRE150 are equipped with a turret head load handler and the VRE125SF has shuttle forks to enable work in the narrowest of aisles. The R-series is equipped with Transitional Lift Control, TLC, (same as the reach truck) making lifting and lowering of the forks extremely smooth. The VRE is based on the RRE’s cabin, equally safe and ergonomically adapted to the driver who is protected by the cab and overhead guard.
  • Load capacity up to 1.5 ton at 600 mm load centre
  • Lift heights up to 11.3 m
  • High truck acceleration
  • Turret head or shuttle forks
  • BT Optipace
Model Max lifting capacity (kg) Max. lifting height (m) Aisle width (mm.)*
VRE125SF 1250 11.3 1450
VRE125 1250 6.7 1660
VRE150 1500 11 1660
*calculated with 1200x800 mm stacking depth