Throughout its wide range of activities Toyota always considers the environment as part of its daily operations. Our policy is to analyse the effects of every stage in our products’ lives: development, manufacturing, operation, and recycling.

Toyota Production System philosophy also includes the
3Rsreduce, reuse, recycle.

In manufacturing the reduction of waste (muda) is one of the key principles and benefits of Toyota Production System. Reduction of waste in processing, inventory, conveyance, overproduction, motion, waiting, and manufacturing defects leads directly to environmental benefits.

At ground level, waste sorting has long been practised at BT and all our manufacturing sites have achieved ISO 14001 certification.

Toyota has also implemented a policy to reduce CO2 emissions, use resources more efficiently, and reduce environmental risk factors. Considering the environment at all four stages of a products’ life is the responsible approach and leads to real environmental benefits for all of our customers.