Jidoka - Building in quality 

There is no room for compromise in the Toyota Production System when it comes to quality. Jidoka incorporates quality checks into every step of the production process. By ensuring that all processes are visible, jidoka helps ensure that any abnormalities can be addressed immediately.

Jidoka can be described as ‘automation with a human touch’. Quality is monitored throughout, with each team member being responsible for performing quality checks before delivering the goods-in-process to the next point along the production line. If a defect or error is identified it is immediately addressed – even if this means temporarily stopping production.

Jidoka is supported by four important elements that help to ensure that quality is maintained at every stage: genchi genbutsu, the andon board, standardisation and mistake-proofing (poka-yoke).

genshi genbutsu

Improvements are often made as a result of discovering and solving problems. Gaining a complete understanding means to ‘going to the source’ (genchi genbutsu) of the problem and assessing it for yourself.