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The world is forever changing and with it the needs of customers. Early on we undersood the importance of givin our customers value-added in form of a new range of products and services, which has given us a competitive edge.

Our holistic approach to business results in the quality BT stands for.

Key historical milestones include:

1946     BT founded

1948     First BT hand pallet truck

1949     The revolutionary pallet (later known as the EUR pallet) - measuring 800x1200mm -
was introduced. A cooperation between BT and the Swedish railway company.

1954     First BT service centres in Sweden

1958     BT begins exporting manual stackers

1960's Series production of walkie and stacker trucks begins

1960's Export rose up to 50% of total production

1960's Export BT Collaborates with aircraft manufacturer SAAB to produce aircraft hydraulics
- BT met up with the stringent demands of high quality of aircraft suppliers which as had a
               major impact on the development of production technology and quality awareness at BT.

1968     BT factory opens in Mjölby, Sweden

1978     BT introduces driverless truck as a part of its widened product range

1983     BT launches first 48-volt reach truck - an innovation of that time

1980's The E-type concept were introduced, where BT took an innovative approach to
              Ergonomics, Efficiency and Economics

1988    To strengthen the position in North America, BT aquired the US company Prime-Mover
              and Canadian Lift-Rite

1997     Further reinforcement of the American market were made when The Raymond
              Corporation were incorporated into the BT ownership

1999     Italy's manufacturer of Counterbalance trucks, CESAB, was aquired and the product
              line were broadened further, the brand BT Cargo is exported all over the world

At the end of the 90s BT was represended in over 70 countries in every part of the world

2000     BT Industries joins the Toyota family through an aquisition

2001     Toyota Industries Corporation becomes the world leader in materials handling equipment

2004     Mjölby factory receives ISO 14001 certification for class leading environmental

2006     Counterbalance forklift factory in Bologna, Italy receives ISO 14001 certification for class
               leading environmental management

60th anniversary of BT materials handling equipment

2008     BT and Toyota was together represented in the CeMAT fair in Hannover under the 
              concept "Stronger Together"