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Date: 4th to 7th of April

Place: Centro de Exposições Imigrantes
Saõ Paulo, Brazil


CeMAT Brazil 2011 

Highlight: Toyota is the number 1 in the world

The International Fair for Material Handling and Logistics is a full immersion in the sector in SOUTH AMERICA. It is a complete event with the background of one of the main events in the sector, CeMAT Hannover and its events worldwide.

Designed to be a platform to release equipments and products, CeMAT SOUTH AMERICA puts together several differentials in one event. It is the space where the exhibitor generates their businesses, focusing on product sales, solutions and services to professionals of the sector. It is a space where the visitor gets inspired, interacts, finds solutions to item related to their professional world.

The Toyota Material Handling Mercosur (TMHM) booth covered 408 square meters and exhibited 3 brands- Toyota, BT and Raymond. Total of 17 machines:

  • 9 form Toyota, including one new equipment in Brazil – 7CBT and one special-design lift truck for Senai – the Brazil´s leading operator training school
  • 6 from BT, including a Cold storage model reach truck. 
  • 2 Raymond – including a new-to-Brazil order picker and pallet truck.  

TMHM also partnered with Cascade, to show two different forklifts accessories. 

  • I-forks – which weigh loads as they are being moved. 
  • Single-Double – Special forks, which allow the operator to lift load on single or double pallets.
TMHM devised a set of attractions to demonstrate why Toyota is the number one in the world, and enable visitors to feel the presence of Toyota. The first attraction was Cine Toyota, a movie theater build in the exhibition hall to screen a film about Toyota´s history and range of products, as well as its operations in Brazil. The other was hosted interactive show that provided in-depth look at the lift trucks using visuals projected onto a large wall.

Results achieved 

The CeMat South America 2011, attracted around 12,500 visitors from Brazil and others countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, EUA, Canada, Austria, etc.

The TMHM booth received 2.500 visitors and raised strong demand for the products on display. This exhibition highlighted TMHM´s determination to increase Toyota´s market share participation and establish a solid footing for TMHM in Brazil.